Broken Arrow CrossFit Gyms | Changes to the CrossFit Games

### Some Changes to the CrossFit Games There have been a number of changes to how crossfit competitors qualify for the CrossFit Games. I feel mixed emotions and perspectives to these changes across the community. I don’t necessarily care because i don’t compete in the crossfit games but I may at some point be coaching someone who wants to qualify for the crossfit games. It sounds like Greg Glassman (CEO/Founder of Crossfit) has veered towards the same process that USA Weightlifting goes through except it’s on a much bigger scale. There were more than 160 countries who participated in the CrossFit Open. Greg Glassman has decided to let the winner of the open from each country participating in the open go to the CrossFit Games. The open is now going to be moved to October instead of February. That being said, to shift over to the new tempo, there will be 2 Opens in 2019: one in February and one in October. Glassman is getting rid of the regional competitions. The only other way to make it to the games is to compete and win a sanctioned Crossfit event. All that needs to happen is someone will decide to host a sanctioned event, pay crossfit a certain fee and they now have the capabilities to send their winners to the Games. This format is similar to the Olympic Games but what is this going to actually change. Some of the athletes at the games who come from Yemen will probably get destroyed by some other athletes who didn’t make it who are from the United States. So rather than bringing the top tier talent to the games Glassman is spreading the participation to a more global level. Why wouldn’t you just bring the top athletes to the top contest? Doesn’t that make sense? I think what’s happening is people from smaller countries are getting discouraged and unmotivated because there is simply just more talent and better opportunities to train around better athletes to then qualify for the games. Now there will be a lot more separation between the top dogs and the bottom of the barrel. Others watching at home will be making fun of all the people who are struggling because they know they’re better than them and they are disgruntled that they are not there at the CrossFit Games. The same thing happens in the olympic games. Regionals used to be the top 50 or so athletes from the open within a given region would go compete. Then the top 3 in each region would then qualify for the crossfit games. That, at least in my opinion, sounds like a more sensible process to get the best quality athletes at the highest level event of the year. Now it seems they have decreased the possibility of any upsets happening which might decrease the level of viewers in the more populated countries. The competition on the women’s side is exciting to watch; there is no competition on the men’s side. It seems as though Matt Fraser is the guy to beat and it’s going to take some serious training by someone because he is demolishing the competition. What’s happening with the new changes will decrease the number of middle to lower level crossfitters and replace all of them with lower level crossfitters. ### The Sanctioned Events Look, I feel these sanctioned events are going to be huge just like regionals were. That makes sense since these crossfit sanctioned events are going to be replacing the crossfit regionals. There are already twelve sanctioned events scheduled all over the world. The United Kingdom, Brazil, Miami, the Netherlands, Dubai, among several other places will be hosts of some sanctioned competitions. There are a couple of things i do like about this: 1) I like that people will have more than one opportunity to qualify for the crossfit games and, 2) i like that this will give athletes the opportunity to travel across the globe to compete. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to do seminars and I loved seeing new places and new cultures. Come to think of it, these changes will also make the Crossfit Games more diverse. That might even require multilingual judges to be able to effectively communicate with everyone. And if you want multilingual judges then glassman might have to start paying his judges. Uh oh! It’s all about the money! Let’s get real. I’d like to think that there will be some crossfit events that are more accessible but i have a feeling it’s not going to turn out that way. Tulsa is one of the most saturated areas per capita with crossfit gyms. Our gym is located in broken arrow just south of Tulsa. Crossfit gyms in broken arrow is becoming more and more saturated as well. Broken arrow’s level of crossfit athletes is minimal too. There is a need for some motivations among crossfit athletes in broken arrow and in tulsa to make it to the crossfit games. I would love to help anyone who is trying to make it to the crossfit games in my hometown of broken arrow. Sometimes i’ll hear about people who go to crossfit gyms in broken arrow and they get very low quality coaching. Unfortunately there are a lot of coaches out there who don’t know how to treat athletes coming into their gym. If there are no good quality coaches then there can’t be any good quality crossfit athletes. This is a major problem in crossfit and should be addressed immediately. The problem starts with crossfit headquarters’ low standards in what it required to open up a crossfit gym. All you need is a Crossfit level one certification and a roof to do workouts under. People walk into crossfit gyms thinking the gym owner knows what their talking about. Unfortunately there are too many who do not know what the hell they are talking about.