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Let's talk about Different types of gyms. Yep corporate gyms, you have to crossfit gyms, There are fitness studios, You have garage gyms and then maybe some specialty gyms spliced in there. Just like any other industry the fitness industry Has pretty much someplace for any type of person. Because depending on how you like to train is going to depend on where you like to go To work out. ## Corporate Gyms When I saw corporate gym I don't necessarily mean the gym that is in your office. What is a corporate gym I mean something like golds gym or 10 gym or planet fitness. Your typical corporate gym basically just provides a facility and equipment for you to get your Workout in. Corporate gyms will have some personal trainers and they're still have some people at the front desk, they'll have managers and membership directors in the office area and they will have a custodial staff, etc. Corporate gyms are more about how the business is doing a rather then how their members are doing. Typically they have a super cheap price but the goal is to try to get as many bodies in there as possible. Everyone that I've talked to that has a membership at one of these types of gyms hardly ever goes. There's simply just no motivation to keep members consistent. But the business model for a corporate gym is contract based. So they have a super low beginning price but you're locked in for at least a year after that. They typically have a high turnover rate The what they make their money off of is cancellation fees. So they might have a monthly membership fee of $20 or less but the cancellation fee is $100-$500. So either people pay that price to get out of this contract or they just forget about it and continue to pay $20 a month for nothing. Corporate gyms usually have a plethora of equipment. They have a lot of machines and a lot of cardio equipment and also a big free weights area. They try to cover all their bases. Some of them will try to spruce up their facilities by adding a pool and a sauna and a spa and a cafeteria etc. But basically what they're trying to do is to get any and all types of fitness goers into their facility. The people who are forced themselves and this type of facility are force to Isolate themselves from everyone around them, Put some headphones in and try to motivate themselves. There's no community, There's no support system and There's nobody around them and encouraging them. Corporate gyms are the epitome of mediocrity. ## CrossFit Gyms Crossfit gyms may be one of the reasons why corporate gyms are not doing so well these days. CrossFit is this sexy new thing to do these days. The facility is completely different. Crossfit gyms are typically an open space with a big metal rig. This is not the type of gym that has adductor machines and treadmills. These workouts typically include all free weights with some gymnastic movements. crossfit workouts are typically strength exercises combined with high paced, high intense Free weight movements. Sometimes those movements include flopping around on the floor and jumping up in the air in jumping up onto the box and rolling around and running etc. In comparison to the corporate gyms the downside of crossfit gyms is that they are much more expensive. However since the member is more financially invested they're more likely to be consistent. Not only are they consistent because of their financial investment but they have The camaraderie of the community that is a part of that gym. The strength of a crossfit gym's community Develops a more emotional attachment to the people and to the gym. Having the motivation and encouragement of others Keeps people more accountable to show up And be consistent. Most CrossFit gyms usually don't have a contract Based membership. Most of them allow month-to-month memberships. The main reason why these are so expensive is because these gyms have to pay an affiliate fee to CrossFit headquarters. These fees are up to $3000 per year. Greedy bastards. So inevitably, That price trickles down to the members. These facilities are usually a little more rugged than your corporate gym. Not as many bells and whistles. But the type of people who are coming to these gyms aren't looking for A spa or cafeteria or towels or a Pool. This type of athlete is looking for a community And camaraderie. ## Personal Training Studio If for some training studios exactly what it sounds like. Typically somebody owns a facility and they only do one on one coaching. There's a large community of people out There who only like personal training. A lot of times this is for a brand-new beginners to actually need personal training or this is for people who like to be the center of attention. This is going to be the most costly type of training. Personal trainers will charge Anywhere from $40-$200 an hour. So if you like that center of attention training And you have a fat wallet then by all means go for it. The clients of personal training studios will have more of an emotional attachment to the coach then to the community Like CrossFit gyms. This type of training will typically vary Depending on what the customer wants. So these customers will seek out a personal trainer That specializes in what they're trying to accomplish. ## Prime performance strength & conditioning Out of these three types of gyms that I've just went over our gym is going to be more like a crossfit gym. We do offer personal training if that's your jam, The typically we only do group training. We are located in broken arrow Where there are several CrossFit style gyms in several corporate style gyms. I am unaware of any personal training studios that are in this area. Our specialties include strength training Olympic style weightlifting and conditioning. We also are very knowledgeable in support performance Training. In my opinion will best gym in broken arrow. If you want to get the best workout of your life you need to come into prime performance strength & conditioning Located in broken arrow.