Crossfit Gym Broken Arrow | Getting started at a Crossfit Gym


As you may know, crossfit has become a hot word in the fitness industry especially in the last 5 or 6 years. There has been many people who have drank the crossfit koolaid and have created an addiction to the culture. Crossfit has taken a lot of heat about causing injuries due to the unorthodox way of doing some movements and also the lack of quality and the low standards in the process of becoming a certified crossfit coach. There are some things that you need to know before getting started with crossfit.


First, I would like to address the notion that CrossFit causes injuries. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear this is who’s coaching. For the most part, if there is a clear case that a wave of injuries are hitting a group of athletes who all have the same coach then there is no doubt that the coach is the problem. It’s not well known to the general public the standard level CrossFit requires to become a “certified coach.” I’ve been through that process. It’s a two-day seminar with a test at the end. It’s not a hard test to pass because you have a two-page packet and you go over everything you need to in a weekend. Any average person off of the street could come in and pass that test at any point. That actually leads us to our next problem: the only requirement you need to open up a CrossFit gym is to have a CF level 1 certification. Yeah so average Bob can take his test and open up a gym immediately long has he has enough money to do so. Then people come into Bob’s gym expecting him to know what he’s talking about. By the way, they don’t go over anything about injury prevention in the level 1 exam.


There are, however, some movements that may cause injuries over time that CrossFit has invented. Maybe not really movements or exercises themselves but just the method of execution: Kipping! Yes, there is much of this going on in CrossFit. Kipping pull ups are detrimental to the shoulder joint most especially to someone who has tight shoulders. If you’re someone who has a desk job and some uppercross syndrome then you should not be doing kipping pull ups. The first way you should be learning how to do pull ups is the right way. Meaning pulling straight up from a hanging position. CrossFit has changed this movement to use centrifugal force to whip themselves out and around to then eventually end up with their chin over the bar. That whipping motion puts a great deal of stress on the shoulders.


At our crossfit gym in broken arrow, we make sure to teach people the right way to do things first then if they have a desire to do crossfit competitions then they can learn different ways to do some of the movements faster even if they are necessarily ideal. We will gladly accommodate to any crossfit athlete who has already established the fundamentals of all movements. If you are a crossfit athlete who has not learned the fundamentals of the movements then we will not let you move on with doing things the wrong way and will make sure and work on the correct fundamental movements before doing crossfit workouts.


In conclusion, I can say that Prime Performance Strength & Conditioning is the best crossfit gym in broken arrow. We can and will make any level athlete better than they were before coming in to train. Our expertise are unmatched in the broken arrow and tulsa area when talking about fitness coaches or gym owners. We highly recommend coming in to try us out for a free trial week at our crossfit gym in broken arrow. If you need help contacting us please refer to the contact page.