CrossFit Gym Broken Arrow | The Three Macronutrients

Food is the body’s fuel. Whether you are an sport athlete, a person who goes to a crossfit gym, a casual fitness goer or just someone who lives mostly a sedentary lifestyle we all need fuel to live our lives. There are several types of diets out there. Some that try to “trick” your body that may actually be an unhealthy way to lose weight, some that restrict you from eating certain foods or some that control the amount of calories you should be taking in. The most common way to lose weight at a healthy rate is to control the macronutrients you’re losing weight. That would fall under calorie intake. Macronutrients are the nutrients our bodies use for energy. I’m not talking about a spike of energy that you get from sugar rushes or what have you. I’m just talking about natural energy you have throughout the day. Have you ever felt super tired in the middle of the day for no reason and then realised you haven’t eaten anything all day. Exactly. We will go over the three macronutrients. ### Carbohydrates These are probably an athletes most important macronutrient. Sport athletes need the sustain energy level for all of the activity they do. This may also include people who go to crossfit gyms in broken arrow due to the high levels of energy needed. Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy; It’s the first nutrient it goes to. They contain four calories of energy per gram for the body. The United States Department of Agriculture suggests carbs should be 45-65% of your daily calorie intake. It provides additional energy from glucose, waste assistance and intestinal health. There are many diets that restrict carb intake because if you don’t use the energy taken in from carbohydrates it basically acts as sugar in the body when it’s stored. So those diets are for people who don’t work out. ### Protein You may think of protein as being the main nutrient for weightlifters and bodybuilders. It is the main nutrient for skeletal muscle repair; that is a fact. But it is, in some cases used as energy as well. So when there is no carbohydrates to pull from to use as energy, your body reverts to using protein and fats (we’ll go over fats next). If you’re a regular fitness goer who is a sport athlete or someone who goes to crossfit gyms in broken arrow, you need your carbs so that your body doesn’t use the protein as energy. Otherwise you would not be able to repair and grow your skeletal muscles. And who doesn’t want a little muscle in their life? Proteins, just like carbohydrates, contain four calories of energy per gram. ### Fats There is a significant difference between “good” fats and “bad” fats. There is a lot of bad fats in red and white meats, oil, blah blah blah. Your good fats are going to come from avacados, almonds (or some other nuts), and some other cool stuff. When people are on low carb diets their goal is to make the body burn fat to use as energy instead of using carbs first. When there are no carbs the body uses fat and/or protein. You need to find a balance between all of these macronutrients to a point where you’re able to eat things that are palatable and taste extra good and the things you may not see as being super palatable but are really good for you. If you’re struggling with your diet you should resort to trying out crossfit gyms in broken arrow to get yourself fit! If you happen to be looking for a crossfit gym in broken arrow you should go into prime performance strength & conditioning to get the best crossfit training in broken arrow.