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We would love to know what it is that makes people want to go to a gym? There are many reasons i’ve heard of that does make sense to want to start going to a gym. Some reasons may include people looking in the mirror one day and realizing they are fat and need to get in shape. Other people will go only if their doctor tells them to go or they will go for a New Year’s resolution. A lot of people who do not go to gyms actually need to. Especially if that person does not live a healthy lifestyle.


The hardest part about joining a gym is actually deciding to go into the gym to sign up. That is it. There are several gyms who offer free classes or free weeks to try them out but either way it is the hardest part about starting out at a new gym. It is natural to be nervous, especially when you’ve never gone to the gym before in your life.


We, at Prime Performance Strength & Conditioning are passionate about our clients are would love to get you started. We offer a free week and would love to help you meet your fitness goals. We have group training classes as well as personal training and Olympic Weightlifting training. We also have what we call it Kidfit: a practical, comprehensive approach to learning about fitness and getting healthier. There are all kinds of fitness activities for kids in Broken Arrow.


If you are looking for the best gym in Broken Arrow then you need to come into Prime Performance Strength & Conditioning and you can call today at 918-893-5688. We are extremely passionate about what we are doing here and would love for you to be a part of the team. Whether you are in it for health reasons or just in it for fun, we can help you step up your fitness level and reach your goals. You will be looking the best you have ever looked and people will be asking you what gym in Broken Arrow you have been working out at. Prime Performance Strength & Conditioning is the best gym in Broken Arrow without a doubt and we care more about our clients than any other crossfit gym in Broken Arrow.


You can’t beat the expert instruction that Blake Barnes and Alyssa Sulay give at Prime Performance Strength & Conditioning. The unique part of the gym that sets us apart is their experience. There is not other gym or crossfit gym in Broken Arrow that has the expert instruction you need to get better. We care about you and your fitness and health. We want the community of Broken Arrow and Tulsa to be the healthiest area of the state. So if you want to increase your fitness level then you can call Prime Performance Strength & Conditioning today at 918-893-5688 or email at