CrossFit Gyms | Reaching Fitness Goals

If you have ever tried working out at a gym with a goal in mind you may have noticed a few weeks into your fitness journey that it was going to take a while to reach your goals. But you have to keep your goals in mind when it gets tough. If you’re trying to lose weight, gain strength, gain muscle or just feel better you need to plan exercise into your long term routine. There are no shortcuts. Crossfit is multiple facets of the fitness industry and sports put into one. There would need to be many goals that need to be set. So how do you do it? The steps you take to reach your goals will differ based on what you are trying to accomplish. Let’s say you want to get your first muscle up. That is a gymnastics exercise. Most of the gymnastics exercises have a lot to do with your body weight versus your strength. If you are overweight and are not strong then you first need to lose weight and gain strength. That is the number one priority. While you make strides on building better body composition, you can continuously work on different drill that teaches the correct technique or movement so you can build the muscle memory for when you do get to a point where the weight of your body isn’t the limiting factor. What steps need to be taken to reach those goals? For the number one priority of losing weight, you need to be attending your crossfit classes on a regular basis. If you are brand new to exercising you should be attending 2-3 days a week; and that is under the assumption that your crossfit coach is smart about easing you into coaching. Unfortunately, there are many coaches out there who push people too hard too soon so make sure that you are at a quality gym. If you are somewhat active already then you need to be going to the gym 4-6 times a week. The more consistent you are then closer you will get to reaching your goal. The next step is to work on the technique of the muscle up. If you can, after the crossfit class, work on some drills to help you get reps in on muscle up technique practice. If you see that you are losing weight and gaining strength you should occasionally try to do a full muscle up. This will at least let you know if you are making progress. This is very important. You should log your progress each week to help motivate you to keep coming. If you are looking for a crossfit gym in broken arrow, Prime Performance strength and conditioning can help you make the proper steps to reaching your goals. Some consider us the best gym in broken arrow. You are welcome to try us out for free for one week. No deposit and no registration fees for one full week.