Gyms in Broken Arrow | 2019 CrossFit Open

As you may know, the CrossFit Open is one of the biggest global CrossFit events of each year. This is always a test for the top CF competitors to see what their competition looks like going into the games. This year is the first year there will be no regionals and there will acutally be two different Open events. To figure out who will be going to the games is changing this year. Crossfit will pick the top 20 men and the top 20 women of the CrossFit Open to take to the games. Along with those 40, they will also pick the top female and top male out of every country to the games as well. 

Some people like this and some people don't like this way of qualifying athletes to go to the Games. Because if you have a small country where there aren't a lot of good athletes then it wouldn't be too hard to qualify. If those same people came to a bigger country where there is more competition then they wouldn't even come close to qualifying. It seems as thought CF is trying to broaden its market reach. Otherwise, wouldn't you want to see the best of the best no matter where they're from?

The Open isn't just for top competitors, though. It's for anyone who wants to do it. All you have to do is pay CrossFit $20 and you can have your score posted on the website with everyone else in the world who is participating. You are able to see where you stack up to everyone in the world, in your region or even in your own state. This is a good way to see if your fitness is good in comparison to the local competition.

If you are a part of a CrossFit affiliate gym then you just need to have qualified judge to make sure you are doing all of the movements in line with the standards and then post your score. But CrossFit makes it a little bit more difficult for people who are not a part of a CF affiliate. If you're not in an affiliate then you have to basically have to have video evidence of everything you do. First you have to show what the weight is that you're doing on video. Then, when you are doing the workout, you have to make sure that every part of your body stays within the frame of the camera or they will automatically disqualify you. Every single limb...every single finger nail. It's not too difficult if you have an open area where you can put the camera far away and make sure the entire area is in the frame. 

If you are looking for gyms in Broken Arrow, we are happy to help you see where you stack up in your fitness level. Prime Performance Strength & Conditioning participates in the CrossFit Open and we would love to have you come in and workout with us. You can just walk in at 2001 W Detroit St Suite A, Broken Arrow, OK 74012, or call us at 918-893-5688. The Open workouts are announced every Thursday and we will do the workouts every Friday. Come experience the best gyms in Broken Arrow for yourself.