Gyms in Broken Arrow | How to gain muscle

This content was written on behalf of Prime Performance Strength & Conditioning.

Have you ever been disgruntled or frustrated about the boring commercial gym you are going to? Gyms like 10Gym or Sky Fitness or LifeTime Fitness don't care about your fitness progress; they care about your money. One of the reasons they are so cheap is because if you get lazy and stop going, you won't stop paying and here's why: you will tell yourself that you're going to go back to the gym in Broken Arrow. In your mind, if you cancel your gym membership then that is considered you giving up so you won't do that. You don't mind that even if you don't go because it's so cheap. Stale memberships at those types of gyms are considered the majority of their profit.

If you want to to go to a gym that actually cares about your fitness goals and your journey to become the best you that you can be then you need to come into Prime Performance Strength & Conditioning. They have the most experience in making people reach their goals. For example, if you want to lose weight, gain muscle and live a healthy lifestyle they have the most experience in the Broken Arrow and Tulsa area to get you to that goal. You are welcome to try out any gym in Broken Arrow that you can find but you will not be able to find another gym that is as passionate about your health as we are. They also offer a free trial week for anyone who is interested in joining. 

One of the things that Prime Performance is very good at is CrossFit training. They have the best CrossFit programming you can find that is a safe and smart way to train for the CrossFit Games. The CrossFit Open is about to start on February 21st and that is a very important thing to train for. That is definitely something that you want to perform well at and you have to train to get good at CrossFit. Prime Performance is the most suitable CrossFit gym in Broken Arrow to do so. Not only do you have expert programming, you also have experts in technique on the Olympic lifts as well.

The owners at Prime Performance Strength & Conditioning are Blake Barnes and Alyssa Sulay (Barnes). Being former National-level olympic weightlifters, olympic weightlifting coaches and Catalyst Athletics seminar staff members they have been around the block when it comes to learning and understanding the concepts of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. There is no one as qualified as them in the entire state of Oklahoma to be teaching the Olympic lifts and CrossFit. 

The only thing you need to do is call 918-893-5688 and set up a free consultation session with one of us to get you started. After that, you will have an entire week for free! You don't have to put any money down or anything. Just come in for a week, realize how much of an awesome gym in Broken Arrow we are and you'll be hooked immediately. If you don't want to call, feel free to just come in! Our address is 2001 W Detroit St Suite A, Broken Arrow, OK 74012.