Gyms in Broken Arrow | Injuries in CrossFit or bad coaching?

This content was written on behalf of Prime Performance Strength & Conditioning.

All of the time we work with people who are first timers in the gym or any type of fitness facility. It is very understandable for people to be afraid of getting hurt but if you're set up with the right gym then it will all be okay and really work out great for you in the long run. There are so many gyms in Broken Arrow to choose from so it can be hard to know which one will be the most appropriate fit for you. All you have to do is research to try to find the best gym in Broken Arrow. This is very important because there are a lot of gyms out there who possibly could get you hurt. 

Prime Performance Strength & Conditioning is the most premier gym in Broken Arrow and will always stand as the most qualified in the entire Tulsa area. We have a perfect track record in success rate and in number of injuries in the gym. Our gym might be considered a CrossFit gym and it kind of is. We know that CrossFit has had a bad track record in injuries and we understand that there are many ways people can get injured doing CrossFit considering the heavy fatigue CrossFitters put themselves through when trying to lift at the same time. 

If someone is wanting to do CrossFit at a gym in Broken Arrow and they are brand new then they need to make sure to get with an experienced coach who knows how to ease people in to training at that high level. Trying to go too hard too soon will lead to injury and then that will not only set you back but it will discourage you from wanting to go back to the gym at all when you finally get yourself feeling better. I've seen this happen many times when people choose another gyms in Broken Arrow to go to besides Prime Performance Strength & Conditioning. 

Some people watch the CrossFit Open or the CrossFit Games and want to look just like Brooke Wells or Matt Fraser right away...that just can't happen. It takes a long time and is quite the process to look and perform like those high level athletes. Everyone has to start somewhere and that somewhere is low and slow first. The higher your fitness level becomes the more stress your body is able to take. This should all be known and implemented by your CrossFit coach or gym owner. There are many gyms in Broken Arrow, make sure you find the right one. 

I highly suggest you come in to Prime Performance Strength & Conditioning to try us out for a week. We offer a free week to anyone who wants to see if we are a good fit for them. We always participate in the CrossFit Open and take people to different local CrossFit competitions. Get yourself ready and come into 2001 W Detroit St Suite A, Broken Arrow, OK 74012 or call 918-893-5688. There's no harm in trying out the best gym in Broken Arrow.