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Partially written in part by Prime Performance Strength & Conditioning. The reason why we named this gym strength and conditioning is because we understand the importance of being strong and also having cardio respiratory endurance. During any type of exercise your body relies on three basic energy systems: The anaerobic a-lactic system, the anaerobic lactic system the aerobic system. 1. The anaerobic a lactic system is for athletes to compete in sports with high intensity for short duration. For example Olympic weightlifters, shot-putters, and sprinters. There's a high dependency of production and reproduction of ATP. 2. Also known as the fast glycolysis system the anaerobic lactic system provides energy for medium to high intensity movements. This type of energy system is for Bursts lasting from approximately 10 seconds to two minutes; Closely similar to the anaerobic a-lactic system. Since this energy system is used for activities in duration longer than the anaerobic a lactic system There is a result of more lactic acid buildup in the blood and muscles cells. This is when higher levels of fatigue start to setting such as burning sensation in the muscle in shortness of breath. 3. The aerobic system is unlike the other two. This system Provides energy for low intensity over a long period of time. These exercises or activities typically last at least two minutes too up to a few hours. These athletes require a lot of oxygen and are involved in sports and activities such as long distance running, long distance swimming, crew, and sea kayaking. The demand of most sports require athletes to be trained in multiple energy systems thus their training this training must multiple energy systems. Here at prime performance would like to train all three energy systems so that our athletes are physically competent in all three energy systems. Our athletes train exactly the same way that the high level Crossfit games athletes train every single day. If you want to become a high level Crossfit games athlete you need to come in to Prime Performance Strength and Conditioning in Broken Arrow. Prime Performance has the ability to supply the best type of training covering all three training systems in broken arrow. You can have the opportunity to train a prime performance for free for one week. Come experience the best gym in broken arrow prime performance strength and conditioning. You don't want to go to another corporate gym. Try prime performance strength conditioning in broken arrow. If you are looking for a good trusted gym to go to then you need to come in and try prime performance strength and conditioning in broken arrow. We can deliver high-level results and you will not leave unsatisfied. Not only do we deliver high-level results, We are also the cheapest gym among all crossfit gyms and broken arrow. If you are looking for Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning or CrossFit we have you covered. Come in and see why we will become the highest rated gym in broken arrow.