3 Easy Fixes to Getting in Shape

By Blake Barnes

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and realized you were getting very out of shape? It happens so fast you don’t realize it. It is easy to do. You used to be an athlete in your younger days but now you are heading the opposite direction. Maybe you’re a guy whose testerone levels are dropping and it’s getting harder to lose weight and gain muscle or a woman who is trying to lose weight that was gained from pregnancy. I got to thinking about this and thought up a few things that you could do to make easy changes stick with you that would eventually turn into a healthier lifestyle. But these, like any other changes you make, require some levels of self discipline but the idea is to start small and build on that.

For example, if you’re looking for a diet, start with something easy; don’t go all out on the most restricting diet you can find. That’s just too drastic of a change to a point where you start resenting the change. Eating is a big part of the American culture. It’s easy to get lazy with your diet and grab some fast food whenever it’s convenient; especially since they make everything so palatable with all the sugar and fat these days. The fast food companies are not interested in keeping their customers healthy. They just want you to crave their food so you’ll come back and give them more of your money.

Just start changing your habits. You first have to ask yourself, “what am I doing that is making me so out of shape?” From there, you need to start progressively changing those habits. Adjust your routine. I know I’m making it sound simple but I understand that it’s not. Let’s say you get McDonald’s breakfast every morning. That is a quick fix — all you have to do is wake up a little earlier and make breakfast at home before you go to work. Boom! That’s number one.

Another common thing people do is NOT work out. Easy fix #2 is...GO TO THE DAMN GYM! Maybe just start with two days a week and then eventually move to three, and so on. If you absolutely, 100% CANNOT go to a gym then you can at least do some things that will help you get some kind of workout. Maybe you can run around the block in your neighborhood, do some yard work you’ve been meaning to get to or even just take the stairs instead of taking the elevator. You may have some other things you can think of that are unique to your schedule you can do to get the heart rate up a little.

Easy fix #3: Think back to that first question, “What am I doing that is making me so out of shape?” Another way you can get yourself in a more healthy state is to simply just cut out the “bad.” If you’re a big soda/beer/wine/energy drink/etc drinker...you can cut that out of your diet or at the very least cut back! If you’re a big fast food eater you can cut out fast food! If you’re putting bad things in your body (and, let's get real, you know when you are even though you’ve convinced yourself that it’s not that bad), just STOP putting crap into your body. The phrase “you are what you eat” didn’t come out of nowhere.

Anyways, that is just my brain throwing up but I encourage you to give some serious thought to your health. I don’t want everyone to have to depend on big pharma and insurance companies when they get older because they made unhealthy choices throughout their lifetime.