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What is CrossFit? And why we're not an affiliate | Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1 of this, you should. I'm going to open this up by going over the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit. These are the movements you go over when you do go get your CF Level 1 certification. These are supposed to be considered "functional" in for the everyday lives of the average person. I don’t like the word functional...

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The Olympic Lifts in CrossFit

There needs to be a good understanding of the Olympic Weightlifting movements prior to involving them into high-paced conditioning workouts. One of the problems with how most CrossFit gyms are structured is that they don’t take the time to break down the olympic lifts. Either the coaches don't know how to teach them correctly or they don't want to take the time. Their only goal is to get through the workout as fast as possible no matter how unproficient the technique is. A...

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What is CrossFit? And why we're not an affiliate | Part 1

If you're reading this I'm sure that you've heard of CrossFit. But do you know what CrossFit actually is? I think CrossFit has done amazing things for people all across the world. It has inspired and motivated people to get in the gym and get healthy. My favorite thing about CrossFit: it's spread the popularity of Olympic Weightlifting! But… what is it? According to CrossFit, it is “constantly varied, functional movements at high...

Tags: broken arrow | crossfit | gym