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Fitness Apparel for Beginners

Ok so you’re ready to start going to the gym. It’s about to be a new year and that means it’s about to be a new you, right? If you’re ready to go to the gym you have to look the part! You can probably get by with some old sweats or athletic shorts you have deep in your dresser drawers...

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The Olympic Lifts in CrossFit

There needs to be a good understanding of the Olympic Weightlifting movements prior to involving them into high-paced conditioning workouts. One of the problems with how most CrossFit gyms are structured is that they don’t take the time to break down the olympic lifts. Either the coaches don't know how to teach them correctly or they don't want to take the time. Their only goal is to get through the workout as fast as possible no matter how unproficient the technique is. A...

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How to properly warm-up for weight training

As you all know, we take everyone through a dynamic warm-up at the beginning of every class. This is necessary to get the blood flowing to the muscles and joints and the body "activated" for physical activity. After the warm-up, we then move on to the strength portion of the workout. We sometimes will have a percentage-based weight that is prescribed to each individual based on their 1-rep max for a certain amount of volume (sets/reps). I like to call those "work sets"....

Tags: instruction | warm-up | training