Workout of the Day

September 25, 2019


A: Work on Gymnastics Skill of Choice (15 min)

 Rope Climbs, Muscle ups, Handstand Walks, Handstand Push ups, Double Unders

B: Power Snatch (4x2)

*Pair with: Quadriped opp. reach - 3x3 each side
*Increase from last week

200m Run

C: RDL (3x5)

Romanian Deadlift W/. Barbell

*Pair with: Ext. Rotation Stretch - 2x:10s
*50% of Back Squat

200m Run

D: Front Squat (3x1 @ 85%)

*Pair with: Half-kneeling Ankle Stretch - 3x:10s

200m Run

E: Team abs:
Planks - 3x:30s on/:30s off

*As a group