Workout of the Day

April 1, 2020

A: Bench Press (5-4-3-3-3)

*Option for people who have bars
*2-min rest b/t sets
*You choose weight

B1: Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

4 Rounds:
15 DB 3-way shoulder raise [5 each way
10 DB Reverse Lunge [5 each leg]
20 Russian Twists [10 each side]

*Rest 1 minute b/t rounds
*Each rounded scored separately for time
*Make sure you are achieving full range of motion on each exercise
*Rest 2 minutes and move on to B2

B2: Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds:
10 Bench Dips
10 DB Curls

*No rest b/t sets

C: Max Plank Hold (Time)

Max time for unweighted plank hold.